About Najm Alburaaq LLC

Najm Alburaaq LLC has evolved into a well-established, experienced, and reliable Industrial Material Supply Company. Our commitment to quality has earned us long-term business collaborations with major OEMs and their distributors across the world. Our competitive pricing has enabled us to stay at top of the competition backup by unprecedented client satisfaction. Today, on the horizon of Industrial Material Supplies, we have assured the provision of reliability, dependability, and synergy with our clientele that is distributed across multiple economies worldwide.

Why Najm Alburaaq LLC?

Founded in 2012, Najm Alburaaq LLC is one of the leading & most efficient companies serving the needs of the several industries in the GCC region. Najm Alburaaq LLC has maintained a leadership position as the leading service provider across the globe. We tend to serve by attracting and retaining solely the most talented and qualified individuals.